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The algorithm's complexity growth is forcing mathematical models to migrate towards specific purpose hardware. This is the case of Rubikia Box, a hardware destined to the capital market, optimized to run our models, with the necessary accessibility to easily scale it through its open connectivity to software developers.

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Rubikia Box


Is the microservices suite in the cloud that provides, online and in low-latency, the algorithms of Rubikia Box, enabling the use of our models on the internet, in real time and in a distributed way. We concentrate the power of Rubikia Box for everyone to operate.

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    The power of Rubikia Box
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Rubikia Cloud Service

If you are a software developer ask for our SDK for your solutions

"Our real interest is people. Our goal is to leverage their performance through our innovations."


About Us...

Rubikia is a young company focused on the development of disruptive innovations for the Fintech universe. Immersed in the industry of knowledge, we have detected the capital market as an immature environment, suitable for development in both technological and mathematical fields. That is why in Rubikia we are committed to generating exclusive methodologies and optimization models for the stock market. Our main objective is to provide the analyst with innovative technological tools on which you can leverage. We bet on solutions that can be customized according to the needs of our clients, as well as providing the necessary tools to enrich their development team. In order to do this, our team includes data science professionals, mathematicians and software developers, forming a consolidated group of quantitative analysts (QUANTS).

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Our technology allows the development of customized solutions. That is why is very important for us to hear the needs of our customers

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